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Introducing the Full Stop Bowl

Eat less, move around more. It's common sense.
Calories in and calories out. That's more common sense.
Easily said but not so easy to do.
So, that's where the Full Stop Bowl comes in.
It's not a diet - it's a way to think about just how much food you need to feel full. 
To make sure you eat just that amount, and no more.
So when you are full, you stop.
Full. Stop. Now that is easy.



Full Stop
Full Stop

The really simple bit...

Your brain tells you when to eat.
Your stomach tells your brain when to stop eating.
It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to talk to your brain (by which time you will have eaten way more food than you actually need).
So give your brain a chance to catch up with your mouth, with help from the Full Stop Bowl.
Use your Full Stop Bowl and don't reach for more food for 20 minutes.
Simple. Full. Stop.