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The Full Stop Story...


"I invented it because I needed it" - Creator, Alix Avery


After a lifetime of unsuccessful diets, Alix used her background in design to come up with the Full Stop Bowl to give her back control over how much she eats.


Everyone in the family has been involved in the project from the start, and with help from local businesses and manufacturers it has been possible to produce an innovative product that can help anyone, anywhere.


Here is Alix's story... 


Another year, another failed diet. Sound familiar?


No diet has ever made the necessary long-term change I needed - and, believe me, I have tried them all.  So, I decided to see if hypnotherapy could control my appetite better. It was an interesting experience and the one thing that stayed with me after the session was this:

"Just remember that your stomach is only the size of a large orange."




"A handful of food is enough".


Full Stop
Full Stop


Bringing the Full Stop Bowl to life...


At home, I started measuring each of my meals out in handfuls. Messy, yes but it worked - sort of! The only problem was that it didn't help me make that link between the capacity of my stomach and the amount of food I was consuming. And once that measured handful was on my bowl or plate, the connection was completely lost. 


I needed a visual way to reiterate that important link when I was eating my food. So I began sketching out some shapes for tableware that resembled the size of my stomach in a sympathetic way. As the sketches evolved I knew I also wanted the design to fit in well with normal tableware. I wanted to sit with the rest of my family at the dinner table, eat the same food as them and not stick out as the one "on the diet".  I'm not - this is about portion control. The size of the bowl was important too - I wanted to be able to hold it in my hand (so I know it's just a handful of food). 



Why the Bowl really works...


People often ask me why the bowl works. I think it's simple. Every time I plate up my food it reminds me of my stomach and how little it really needs to feel full.  And I have learnt to give my body time to recognise when it's had enough. But what's even better, is that it's changed my whole perception on how much food I eat. If I'm out for dinner and a large plate of food is served to me, I just think "that wouldn't fit in my bowl" and reduce how much I eat accordingly. Simple. Full. Stop.


But what do I love most of all about the Full Stop Bowl?

I don't have to miss out on the foods I love. Home cooked meals, takeaways, pasta - can all be eaten (within reason) as long as I only have a bowl full.


It's never too soon to start training yourself to eat normal portions of food. I'm proud to introduce you to the Full Stop Bowl.   




Full Stop