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Full Stop Bowl – The bowl that puts you back in control of your portions

26 April 2019

It was two years ago when Alix Avery, product designer and yo-yo dieter had that ‘light-bulb’ moment, to change her eating habits permanently.


She was having hypnotherapy and the words “your stomach is the size of an orange” stayed with her.  She wanted to control her portion size easily, without weighing and counting calories and still eat the food her husband and three children enjoyed.  The idea for the Full Stop Bowl was born.


Alix Avery Creator Full Stop Bowl

Alix Avery (left) with youngest daughter, Bea


Alix knew that if she could change her lifestyle and eat less, easily, rather than diet, put on weight and diet again, then others like her could do the same.  The Full Stop Bowl helps you to do just that. 


The attractive, white, dishwasher safe and microwavable plastic bowl has a stomach-shape cut into it which is a visual reminder of the amount you should eat at mealtimes.  You can fill it with the food the rest of the family is eating.  It is recommended that you allow 20 minutes to eat the food: this gives enough time for the brain to recognise that you are full.  Many people eat too much, too quickly, which contributes to weight gain. 


Alix says: “I invented it because I needed it.  In a time when more attention is focused on the issues surrounding obesity, diabetes and a healthy lifestyle, I believe that the Full Stop Bowl is a helpful tool to control the amount you eat without any fuss”. 


Designed and manufactured in Great Britain, as well as being dishwasher and microwave safe, all packaging and the Full Stop Bowl is fully recyclable.