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Satiety, and what that means
for your stomach (the sciencey bit)


Ever felt like you overloaded your plate without thinking? It’s left you feeling bloated and uncomfortable?


Satiety is the feeling of being full. How do you know when you’re full? Satiety is prompted by many factors, but essentially it’s your brain that decides that you need to eat, or more to the point, when to stop eating.



What makes you feel hungry?


There is a hormone in your body called ghrelin. As the level of ghrelin increases, so does the sensation of hunger.


So you eat (of course), and as your stomach fills, levels of ghrelin fall which reduces the impulse to keep eating. Sound simple? It is - but it can take 20 minutes for your brain to notice that your stomach is full.


That's why the Full Stop Bowl has been designed to contain about the same amount of food as your stomach requires to feel full. 


Surprised? Give it a go.

Full Stop Bowl