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Some simple tips for using your Full Stop Bowl

Use your Full Stop Bowl every mealtime - fill it, but don't overfill it.


  • Eat food you will enjoy, life is hard enough. 
  • Three sensible meals a day in your Full Stop Bowl should be enough. 
  • If that leaves you a little hungry between meals then enjoy the unusual sensation… or have a piece of fruit.
  • Put normal food in your Full Stop Bowl - why shouldn't you eat what the rest of your family is eating? So, join in with a takeaway - you just don't need quite as much of it as you think you do!  
  • Eat slowly - try to allow yourself at least 20 minutes.
  • Stop eating when your Full Stop Bowl is empty or your brain tells you that you are full, whichever comes first.


It's that simple. Full. Stop.



Full Stop